Bad luck keeps Andrea Cervellin pointless in Dutch Grand Prix
The new SKS Polned TM Factory Team has worked really hard the last couple of months to be ready for the first Grand Prix of the season in Valkenswaard. With a special thank to TVE Sport everything was looking nice at Valkenswaard. A lot of relations and sponsors were invited to come over and watch the first Grand Prix of the season. For some it was the first time that they were on a motorcross race. In the hospitality they got the change to meet each other and the members and riders of the team together with some drinks and snacks.Despite all the hard working from the last weeks the team didn't scored the results they were hoping for. Andrea Cervellin was well prepared but got a small mechanical problem in both motos and because of this his bike was loosing power. Andrea was forced to retire from the first and the second moto.

Andrea is getting more comfortable in the sand and started the weekend with a lot of self confidence. In the qualifying heat he was riding inside of the top twenty but made a crash and dropped back to 37th position. The Italian rider didn't gave up and started a charge back through the field. During the race he managed to pass several riders and finished in 34th position.Because Andrea had to start from the outside he didn't took a good start in the first moto. He came out of the first corner in the back of the pack. He gave everything he had and managed to pass several riders. In the beginning of the race he got a small mechanical problem. His bike was loosing power and after several laps he was forced to retire from the race.

Andrea was motivated to do well in the second moto. His start went a little bit better this time but again he had a lot of work to do to come back inside of the points. Andrea passed several riders but got the same mechanical problem as in the first moto and had to retire from the race.

The engines are back to the TM Factory for a check up. The team will keep on working and all the members are hoping for more luck in round five of the Dutch Open Championship Series in Emmercompascuum this Sunday.
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