MX1, Fermo, Italy, 12 September 2011
Four Kawasakis in the first seven
The FIM World MX1 Motocross Championship ended in style for Kawasaki with Christophe Pourcel and Jonathan Barragan on the podium and four Kawasakis in the first seven at Fermo in central Italy.

Pourcel was again in electrifying form for Kawasaki Team CLS as he took a moto victory for the third consecutive GP. With heavy track watering necessary to combat the boiling sun the team had made suspension changes to Pourcel's bike on Sunday morning, but the track did not develop as they had expected and the sensitive Pourcel did not feel able to push to his limits. Although as high as fifth at one stage, he eventually crossed the line eighth and the team sought a new solution for race two which proved to be absolutely right. Pourcel shot quickly into the lead and, although he surrendered first place briefly midway through the moto, he soon regained the lead and raced away for a clearcut victory to secure second on the day.

He was joined on the podium by Jonathan Barragan of the Kawasaki Racing Team. The Spaniard had not enjoyed much luck with the all-important starts since taking a podium at the opening GP of the season in Bulgaria, but he was the epitome of consistency at Fermo to finish the two motos fourth and third after racing near the front of the leaderboard both times. His string of impressive finishes during the latter stages of the championship lifted Jonathan to eighth place in the final standings.

Teammate Xavier Boog finished the series one place better in seventh place after also playing a leading role in the final GPs of the season. One week after mounting the podium in Germany, the Frenchman was looking good for another piece of silverware as he finished a clearcut second in the opening moto, but he needed too long to find his best rhythm in the opening laps of the second moto and, with the leaderboard quickly spreading out, was only able to recover to fifth place by the end of the moto. This gave him the same total score on the day as second-placed Pourcel and third-placed Barragan but they earnt the podium placings by virtue of their better second moto finishes.

Davide Guarneri of Kawasaki Bud Racing was the home star of the Italian GP, as he charged through the field from a ninth placed start to finish sixth in the opening moto. He moved quickly to eighth place in race two, but, with the field already well spread out and the heat taking its toll of all the riders, he eventually had to settle for this position which earnt him seventh overall on the day.

Teammate Gregory Aranda put a fifth Kawasaki in the top ten of the first moto despite pain from an arm injury sustained one week earlier. The effort had taken its toll however and, although the Frenchman started the second race, he soon recognized that the pain was too great for him to complete a second tough 40 minute moto and withdrew from the race early on.

Christophe Pourcel: "On Saturday during the qualification race I had a pretty good start, but then I went a little bit wide in a corner after the downhill; my back wheel went outside the bump and the bike slid out. I crashed and, although I recovered to eleventh, I was afraid that might not be so good for the races. However my Kawasaki still got me to the first turn with the leaders in both motos. Usually I can find the good lines right away but in the first race I couldn't find any ! We made a lot of changes on the bike this morning and I didn't feel comfortable so the only thing I could do was to finish the race and do my job. We changed the suspensions settings for the second moto; we put the same as for Gaildorf last week and the bike was so good ! We must keep working at it; we have only been together for a few weeks but the team is working hard and it's going better and better."

Jonathan Barragan: "I was on the podium at the first round in Bulgaria and it's great to end the season like this with another podium. This year I had many problems with my starts, and I lost my confidence a little bit; we've been working hard, and it has been coming together again better for the last few GPs. The start is now so much important, and this weekend I had my best ones of the season! Next weekend we'll have a strong team for the Nations, with three good Spanish riders, and I'm really motivated for this race."

Xavier Boog: "I had a good qualifying race yesterday, and after second place in the first race today I was expecting a podium, so it's frustrating to miss it with the same points as Pourcel who finished second. It took me too long to settle down into a good rhythm after the start. I made a couple of mistakes, so I was not so confident for a few laps and it took me too long to start posting some good lap times."

Davide Guarneri: "Overall it was a good weekend for me. The main difficulty here was not the speed but the weather as it was so hot, even for an Italian ! I already had good speed on Saturday and was third in the timed practice session but then I had a few problems finding my rhythm quickly in the qualification race. I started the first race in fourteenth but fought through to fifth before I made a mistake and lost one position again. In the second race I moved forward from tenth to finish eighth, but, just like most of my rivals, I was very tired at the end; it was really tough, and not so many riders were able to push after twenty minutes. Seventh overall was good and I had a great support from the fans as I was the best Italian rider. Next weekend I contest the Motocross of Nations for my country and hope we can make a good result."

Gregory Aranda: "I was still suffering from the arm injury I sustained last weekend in Gaildorf, and when I went on the track for the first practice session I already knew that it would be a difficult weekend. In the first race I got my third consecutive top ten result, but the pain became too intense in the second moto and I had to stop after a few laps."
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