Boog best Kawasaki againMX1, Agueda, Portugal, 13 June 2011
The French rider of Kawasaki Racing Team Europe had qualified in fifth place on Saturday and repeated this performance in the opening GP moto on Sunday to raise hopes of a podium finish, but a hectic start to race two left him downfield in 14th position. Nevertheless Xavier battled hard to gain five places before the end of the race for his second top ten finish of the day.

Spanish teammate Jonathan Barragan was unfortunate to become involved in a collision at the start of the opening race. His bike trapped below those of two other riders, he was dead last by the time he could rejoin the race but battled decisively to finish the race 13th. Jonathan made a much better start in the second race to complete the first lap eighth, but the depth of talent in MX1 GP racing is such that he found himself still holding that position at the chequered flag.

After several weeks battling injuries Davide Guarneri of Kawasaki Bud Racing returned to the top ten with a battling race to 9th in the opening moto after completing the opening lap 15th. The Italian had high hopes of an even better score after gating 9th in race two and had already advanced to 8th before he accidentally hit a track marker post with his hand, the resultant pain forcing him to pull out of the race.

Teammate Gregory Aranda had initially planned to miss this GP, but, as his appointment for an operation on his wrist had to be postponed for a week, he decided to try to race. Unfortunately the pain was too great and he had to withdraw from both races after only a few laps.

Ben Townley of Kawasaki Team CLS is another rider to have been battling injuries this season and the New Zealander withdrew from the GP after practice when it became apparant that he was not yet fit enough to compete safely.

Xavier Boog: "I'm not happy with my riding as I didn't do justice to the great bike; I am too stiff on the bike in the races and didn't ride relaxed like I did during the practice sessions or the warm up. My first start was pretty good; I was fifth and kept this place for the entire race. At the second start the riders around me had a better jump and they blocked me, so it was impossible to take the inside at the first corner as there were too many riders coming together. The track was rougher for the second race but I liked it and I was able to come back from fourteenth to ninth. But I know that I could do better ... and that's frustrating for me and the team."

Jonathan Barragan: "I was involved in a crash at the start of the first race; somebody hit me from behind and my bike was on the ground under two others. My riding was not so bad and I came back from last to thirteenth, but in the second race I didn't feel so comfortable with the track and finished eighth. Next week we go to La Baneza, and it will be a new layout for everyone; I have raced a couple of Spanish championship there, but they have changed the track so it will be new for me too."

Davide Guarneri: "I was riding much better again this weekend, and I fought from sixteenth to ninth in the first race and was close to the other leaderboard riders. My second start was better and I was soon ninth behind Barragan, but when I made a move on him I hit a wooden post with my hand. It was so painful; I tried to carry on but it was impossible to hold the handlebars so I had to retire. I was happy to be back in the top ten and now I just hope that my hand will not be too painful this week."

Gregory Aranda: "As there was no possibility to have surgery to my wrist this week, the team asked me to race here. We knew that it would be difficult, and it was even worse than the previous GPs. In each race I had to stop after a few laps, and I don't think that anybody has ever been so happy to be going to hospital than I am. I will have surgery on Wednesday, and then I must rest for two weeks before riding again. If everything goes to plan, that means that I will be back in Sweden."

Ben Townley: "This is a tough decision to stop riding at the moment, but I've accepted that I'm not in a position to race at a competitive level, both physically and mentally. I'm so thankful to the team for understanding my situation and for supporting me in every way possible. Having been through the difficult times that I have been in over the last few months it is clear to me that I need to be 100% prepared both on the physical side and on the mental side. At this stage I am not, and I don't want to put myself at risk until I can race without having any doubts."
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