Xavier has to be patient

Moving this weekend to Plomion (North of France) for the penultimate round of the French Elite series, Xavier Boog knew that he had a good opportunity to consolidate his leadership in the MX1 class. But a technical problem forced him to retire in the opening race, and after his win in the second heat he has now to wait the last round at the end of the month to know if he will keep the title!

Famous Northern track home of several GP's, Plomion is a hard track with some stones which didn't really look like Valkenswaard! Wet in the morning and dry in the afternoon, the track suits perfectly to Xavier who posted the fastest lap time in both practice sessions. Coming promptly to the lead in the first moto, he was close to win this race when the chain broke with three laps to go! Coming with a strong determination at the start of the second heat, he will lead easily the race until the finish flag. Despite his DNF in race one, he is leading the classification by seventeen points before the final race.

Xavier Boog: "The track was not so nice, as the ground become really hard in the afternoon with some stones. The practice sessions were Ok for me, I did some fast laps, and in both races I had a good start; in the first one I was leading Aranda by five or six seconds when the chain broke, and in the second heat I had a bigger gap and just control my rivals during the last laps. I'm happy with my riding, but of course unhappy with the overall result. We will continue to work this week in South of France with Yves Demaria, and in eight days we'll fly to the US for the third and fourth GP's of the season."

Yves Demaria: "This weekend I had the feeling that I was not with the same rider as one week ago in the Netherlands! For sure the riders in the French series are not as strong as in the GP's, but Xavier was strong all day long; he did good training sessions, posted fast laps, had great starts and did two strong races. He was riding his Kawasaki as he knows, and it was a pleasure for us to see him riding on a pretty dangerous track with some dust, stones and big holes. Now the goal is to help him to have a good result as soon as possible during a GP, and then he will be back in confidence and we'll see the real Xavier."
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