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In Cassano Magnago, in the province of Varese, the maximum of the Italian Championship has been consumed and the TM Racing Factory Team celebrated the title, conquered by Eero Remes, in the Foreigner's class.
The racing weekend of the last leg of the Italian Absolute of Italy Enduro started on Saturday evening with the prologue, for the first time in Italy, the night time Special Trials took place, typical of the world race, our two pilots raced without committing grave mistakes. The Foreigner's class opened the dances and had to take into account a freshly wet terrain, therefore slippery on some bends.

The new champion of the Foreigner's class started the race with the hand break pulled on in the two Cross Test, where usually he gives the best of himself, but surprisingly he collected a great third best time of the class in the Enduro Test. From the second lap Eero established a good rhythm in nearly all four of the Special Tests and only in the Extreme Test he did not manage to shine.
The final prize for the Finish pilot is a third position in the Foreigner's class. And the satisfaction of keeping, the legendary Juha Salminen, behind him,
graduating thus,to champion. Good results, also, in the Absolutes with a great fourth position of the day.

Aigar Leok profited of the summer pause to recharge his batteries and to resolve some physical problems, and on Saturday, he mounted onto the saddle of his TM300 duel time, to take on a bit of the rhythm of racing with an approach, more like practice than of competition. He has confessed, for some time, that his maximum concentration is revolved to the world championship and to next week, if everything goes the right way, he will present, to the Italian House, the title of, vice champion of the E3 class.

Here in Cassano Magnago, Leok shined only in the two Cross Test, registering several seconds and third best time of the class, and on the last lap in the Cross Test 1, also, the best time.

Saturday 7th September and Sunday 8th,the final leg of the Enduro World will be disputed at the French GP, with the hope of celebrating the good results of our official pilots.

" I'm happy with the result obtained, also for the fight for the Foreigner's title, I played with the legendary and co-national, Juha Salminen. Now my mind is aimed at the last trial of the world championship and I hope to be able to present another podium to TM."

" This year the Absolutes have not been rich with satisfaction for me and I'm sincerely sorry that I didn't donate to every-one, results similar to those of the World championship, but the re-occurring injuries have conditioned my season in Italy. My first objective is to remain second position in the World Championship, and in France I will have to give a 100% to obtain it, because, obviously, every-one will give their maximum."
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