This weekend 38,000 spectators welcome the very long awaited GP of Maggiora in Italy, home of some of the greatest races and battles ever seen on a Motocross track ever ! Maggiora was also the home race for Philippaerts who lives just some kilometers away from the historical circuit.

But once more this season, things were not turning in the right direction for the former World Champion 2008. In the Qualifying race on the Saturday DP19 took a great start and the holeshot but russian fellow Bobryshev jumped on his leg after the second turn and pushed him off but with great courage Philippaerts was back in the track in fourth position and tried to regain the leadership. After a few laps he was already in second behind Tommy Searle and riding as in his best days he was getting the crowd really excited. The pass on Searle was really imminent when he dramatically crashed after landing very heavily in a downhill. Philippaerts was taken to the hospital where they found a broken nose and many bruises on his face and not last a damaged ankle thanks to the impact on him of Bobrishev in the first lap. Released from the hospital late in the night DP19 wanted to be at the start of the race on the Sunday because of the thousands fans arrived in Maggiora just to see him, but after a few laps in moto 1, the warrior was forced to ride back to the pitlane devastated by the pain. DP19 was finally forced to abandon his home GP.

The finnish KULLAS had another disappointing weekend never finding speed and rythm on this very hard and difficult track and he finished only 20th in the overall of the day.
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