With the transfer of Bobbio, fourth and fifth trial of the Italian Absolute of Enduro championship, begins an intense month for the Enduro Circus.

Filed away the Absolutes, now the pilots of Team TM Factory are concentrating on the world double transfer, Rumania on the 15th and 16th June at Buzau a few kilometres from the capital Bucharest, and Greece at Kastoria the 22nd and 23rd June. The circle closes with the Absolutes again at San Giacomo di Roburent in the province of Cuneo the 7th July.

Our pilots at Bobbio did not shine but behind this trial without colour there is a reason. Eero Remes did not want to push at maximum because the two trials in line were too slippery and made inaccessible from the rain of the previous days to the race. Caution and calmness was the motive of the Piacentino weekend.

As regards to Aigar Leok, his presence in Bobbio was uncertain, as you will remember the Estonian pilot raced the double Spanish GP and Portugal with an injury to his ribs and various problems with his wrist and back. On his return to Estonia he tried to re-establish himself and to recuperate strength and energy, he therefore decided to take the transfer to Bobbio as pure practice without forcing the rhythm.

The results, therefore, of our two pilots were not of the best, but ,with Eero Remes, he has climbed a little in the Foreigners class, and now the Finish pilot holds the temporary second position, overtaking Johnnj Aubert. The score of the two days racing is two second positions and eight Special Trials won in the two days of the races. Furthermore , once more, Eero confesses, at the end of the race, his own admiration toward his motor in the race, TM 250.4T..

"Certainly the race at Bobbio will not be remembered as one of the most beautiful races of our two pilots, but with the sense of ,I can be happy that all went well, because Aigar Leok is still recuperating form injuries and in these two days it was his intention to not force his rhythm too much and take these stages has training , rather than a race. Eero Remes, also, did not want to push down hard, and even if he got some good points in the Absolute for foreigners classification, he certainly did not shine. Our thought were turned toward the world championship, because both are gambling a place on the final podium and the transfer in Rumania and Greece is surely very important, also ,because there is remaining only the final stage in France"

" For me the race in Bobbio was good training. In the two days I committed a few too many mistakes, I did not want to force the rhythm, the Special Cross Test Trial Enduro Tests was somewhat fast while in the two Enduro Tests at times I committed too many mistakes while in some I clocked good time. Now I have to concentrate for the double World appointment to be able to take a great result under the tm tent."

" After the GP of Portugal I went to treat myself in Estonia and I took a short period of time to rest. I came here to try out my shape, but I am not yet 100% and the pain in my ribs, wrist and back are still bad. I am returning to Estonia and will continue my treatment, because I want to arrive for the GP of Rumania and Greece in better shape"
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