The sixth event of the Fim Mtocross World Championship went back to Portugal on the famous red sand of Agueda.

PHILIPPAERTS had another very good weekend on his way back to the top positions where he was used to play before his double injury. For the second consecutive race he finished 8th overall of the Grand Prix after two motos where he was battling with the top five riders. In the second moto DP19 almost took the holeshot with Cairoli on his side and he could manage to ride in the top five for most of the race and just a small mistake let Nagl pass before the end of the moto but David could hold Strijbos behind till the checkered flag. Philippaerts is now 9th overall of the MX1 class and he is now looking forward to the Brazilian GP where he always scored heavy points.

Harri KULLAS in Portugal showed again little improvements and finished 12th overall of the MX2 class. In race #1 Kullas after another start at the back of the field could manage to get through the field bettering his laptimes up to the end and finishing very fast close to the tenth place and signing one of the fastest laptime in the race. Unfortunately in the second moto after the first lap, he was again at the back and couldn't manage to finish better than fourteen. Kullas is now 14th in the overall MX2 and pointing to the top ten before the end of the season.

Vseva BRYLYAKOV was riding in Portugal the first round of the European Championship MX2 which ammassed nearly 80 riders for the qualifying races and, after a good 8th finish in the Saturday race he was not very lucky on the Sunday Final where he crashed twice trying to get into the top ten and finished 16th overall.Giacomo Gariboldi: Gariboldi Honda Team Owner:

"I'm satisfied with DP19 races and even if he still misses some spark at the beginning of the races, he then shows that he can now race on the same laptimes of the riders from fourth to six place. May be not everyone realizes how difficult it is for any rider to come back at the best after such a big injury. He is improving all the time and any GP could be the one where he can make the surprise.""

David Philippaerts, 8th overall of the MX1-GP:

"I'm happy about my 8th place, my laptimes are improving all the time and now we need in Brazil a good result for the team and there everything can happen."

Harri Kullas, 12th overall of the MX2-GP:

"I feel that every GP I'm improving a bit and today I had a good first moto but of course I still need to work a lot to find back my form and my speed"
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