For the fourth round of the Motocross World Championship the circus moved from Holland down to sunny and warm Italy, on the beautiful track of Arco di Trento, sourrounded by magical mountains.
Italy has been a tough weekend for DP19 who started on the saturday with a good qualifyng race finishing 10th despite a not very brilliant start. In race #1 on the Sunday, after starting in twelve position, DP19 was getting through the field and was already in 8th place when he badly crashed to pass british rider Shaun Simpson. Starting from last he came back to 15th place. In race #2 DP19 took a good start but at the second turn belgian Desalle crashed in front of him and David couldn't avoid the collision and, again he had to start from last to finish 15th taking an unsatisfactory 14th place overall of the day.
Harri KULLAS after all the problems that have affected his start of the season, showed in the italian GP a bit of improvement by taking the 11th place in race #1, but in the second race a crash at the start limited his ambitions and starting from last he could pick the 17th place for a 14th overall of the day.
Once more a good performance of young rookie Vseva BRYLYAKOV who finished in the top 20 in each race scoring points for the world championship before the start of his season in the European series in Portugal.
Giacomo Gariboldi: Gariboldi Honda Team Owner:
"Another tough weekend for the team with some crashes which affected the overall results of our riders. When things will come in the right place we will get the results we are pointing at since the beginning of the year. It's a long season and we have time enough to shine.""
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