Another strong performance for DP19 after his return to racing last week in Riola Sardo. This time on the fast track of Malagrotta, DP19 on his HONDA CRF450R Pro Circuit finished a brilliant 4th in the MX1 race after passing the Yamaha riders Roelants and Frossard with a solid ride. In the Elite Superfinal DP19 started in second just behind Antonio Cairoli but soon he experienced arm pump and had to slow down to finish his race in 6th place. Overall a very good training for the italian warrior who is reaching a very good feeling with his new bike.
The day was a bit unlucky for the MX2 riders in Malagrotta and both Kullas and Brylyakov ended up with small injuries. In the MX2 race the championship leader Harri KULLAS took a slow start and was behind the 25th position at the first turn and lap after lap his speed was coming along and 3 laps from the end he catched the group of the five leaders and started to pass each of them and before the last turn he passed in second, riding 3 seconds faster than anybody else in the race, but crashed just before the finish line with another rider who did not give him room enough. Unfortunately in the crash Kullas hit his thumb and could not start in the Superfinal. The russian Vseva BRYLYAKOV had a small crash at the beginning of the day in the warm up and had to race a bit handicapped and could finish 10th in the MX2 contest but did not start either in the Superfinal.
Harri Kullas:
"I'm a bit disappointed because after starting quite far in the first laps my arms where quite hard and could not ride at my speed but after mid race I started feeling really well and could push at my best and I saw that I was catching all the riders in front of me so I pushed more to catch the leaders and in the last lap I tried to pass second but crashed with another rider. I felt really good on my CRF250 and my speed on this firm truck was really good."
David Philippaerts:
"Another good first race where I had some problems with my arms which became really hard after few laps and the same problem occurred again in the Elite race where after starting in second I was forced to reduce my rithm. The preparation for the GP is good and I just need some more races."
Giacomo Gariboldi: Gariboldi Honda Team Owner:
"A pity for Kullas in the MX2 race because he could have finish easily 2nd behind Charlier after missing his start, but these are races we use for training and hopefully Harri will be ok to ride next weekend. His speed has improved a lot on fast track comparing to a couple of seasons ago when he was with us. DP19 is continuing his steady preparation for the GP and arm pump is quite normal this time of the season especially on this kind of track. He rode a top race in the MX1 contest. Brylyakov could not show today his potential because of a small crash in the warm up of the morning but he will have time to shine during this season."
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