Solid results for Ludovic Brevers in Faenza
The penultimate round of the World championship took place in Faenza, Italy last weekend. Despite a lot of rain prior to the event, circumstances were perfect and a big crowd turned up to cheer for their national hero Antonio Cairoli.

For the KEMEA Reytec GP MX2 riders the weekend was over pretty fast on saturday.
Kevin Fors tried to ride for the first time since his leg injury but hit his leg again. He pulled off and a scan showed the break was open again and not healed up yet. Kevin has to rest for 6 weeks now and heal up completely.

Kenny Vandueren twisted his knee in qualifying after putting a foot in the ground in a corner with a lot of ruts. He would see how it was on sunday but he had too much pain to ride the races. Once he gets home he will head to the doctor to see what's wrong.

So all eyes were on Ludovic Brevers. The 15-year old kid was supermotivated for his last race of the year and really wanted a good result to finish off.
In the first moto Ludovic had a great start and came by in 5th after 1 lap. He could folly the pace pretty well but around mid-race his arms started to hurt and Ludovic started droppiing back. In the end Ludovic still finished 11th and grabbed a handfull of points.

Also on sunday for the second moto Ludovic had a good start. He was riding the top 10 and was following the others pretty well. Just as on saturday het got tired near the end of the race and lost a couple of places to finish 15th. Ludovic ends his EMX2 season in 13th position and got 18th in the final standings.

Team manager Marnicq Bervoets : Luckily we still had Ludovic Brevers this weekend. After Kevin and Kenny dropping out it pleased me to see him riding up front.He already showed a couple of times he has the speed to be up there but still needs to improve his fitness. After his crash in Lierop he could not train this week, so he wasn't fully prepared. If he can work on his fitness and some other details the results will come for sure.
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