Hard weekend for team Kemea Reytec in Lierop
The sand track in LIerop, near Eindhoven is known to be one of the thoughest tracks in the world. In the deep sand the riders get no rest and they have to hold on from start to finish. More then 20.000 enthousiast fans were present this weekend to witness some epic racing under a bright summer sun.

For the Kemea Reytec riders it became a difficult weekend. For rookies Kevin van Geldrop and Jeffrey Dewulf it was a first meeting with the GP scene and everything around it.

Because of the high amount of participants in the EMX2 there were two semi finals and a B final on saturday to determine who could race for the points. Ludovic Brevers had a good start in his heat and came by in 11th after 1 lap. He crashed hard in the second lap though and retired from the race. Kevin van Geldrop started in 18th, he could get to the 16th place but dropped back towards the end to finish 21st. So both riders had to go to the B-final.

In this B-final Ludovic got 2nd so he could go through for the races. Kevin got 11th and his weekend ended on this race.

After only a couple of minutes rest Ludovic had to start in race 1. He started around the 20th position but got tired pretty fast. He finished in 32th and was completely empty.

In the second moto things went wrong very fast as Ludovic crashed in the first lap. Second to last he gave all he had and finished 28th.

In MX2 qualifying Jeffrey Dewulf had a good race and finished in 20th position. Kenny Vandueren was on his way to a 16th position when he crashed in the final stages to cross the finish in 24th.

In the first moto both riders had a bad start. Jeffrey was riding in 27th after 1 lap and Kenny followed a few place further in 30th. In the 3rd lap Kenny stalled the bike and couldn't get it going anymore, so he got out of the race. Jeffrey could not find a right pace and struggled on the track to finish 26th.

In the second moto both Kemea Reytec riders got out of the gate around 25th position. They were battling eachother all race long and swapped positions many times. In the end Jeffrey won the battle and finished 24th, followed by Kenny in 25th.

Team Manager Marnicq Bervoets : This was a bad weekend in Lierop, no getting around that. For Jeffrey and Kevin this was the first time on a GP scene. Both were able to see and feel how fast things are going at this level and I hope they learnt a lot. I expected more out of Kenny in the sand and Ludovic lost all his momentum in his crash on saturday. Before that he was riding better then I expected. After the crash B final and moto 1 were so close. On top of that he is switching between the 125 and the 250 for a couple of weeks now and that doesn't make things easier.

Kenny Vandueren : I'm actually dissapointed on my weekend. I usually ride well in these conditions but I simpley could not gel with the track. Last week I could not train due to illness and that ruined my preparation. I was feeling weak and could never push. I hope to finish the season now with some extra points, I like the track in Faenza and will push hartd for a good result.

Jeffrey Dewulf : I had quiet some fun this weekend, but I'm not satisfied with the results. With a short time of preparation I had not enough time to set up the bike and I had suspension setting problems all weekend long. I had no confidence on the bike and although the team was always ready and willing to adapt, it did not work out. Anyway this was a great experience and I learned a lot. I want to thank everyone who made this possible !

Ludovic Brevers : This was a bad weekend. Everything went well until I crashed and from there on nothing worked anymore. I got in the races through the B-final but I was too tired to do anything. In the second race I wasn't feeling good either and could not push. I know I have to work on my fitness and sand skills but I want to finish the season in style coming weekend by grabbing some points.

Kevin van Geldrop : I totally did not now what I was starting. I only got a message last week I could ride EMX2 in Lierop. I was all excited but also a bit nervous. I rode pretty tight and didn't get my best level. But I enjoyed it a lot. I was an experience I will never forget and I want to thank Hans and the team for this opportunity!

Next weekend the next Gp will take place in Faenza, Italy
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