Ponte a Egola race report
The Motocross International of Italy began under the sign of bad weather. Rain, wind and a freezing cold Sunday has marked Sunday's race with big difficulties for both professionals as well as the public present who, despite everything, has come in large numbers to cheer their heroes.
New the race format that sees the MX1 and MX2 riders to dispute the qualifying sessions separately to bring the best 20 of each class to compete in only one race with the entire program scheduled on Sunday.
TM riders have performed well, although with a little more luck the results would have been better.
Tanel Leok, at his second race as TM factory rider, started on the right foot by recording the fourth fastest time in qualifying. In the first heat the "Estonian Express" started from the gate very fast in second position between the two Italian World Champions, Antonio Cairoli in front and David Philippaerts back. During the first lap Tanel had problems of visibility, due to the loss of an additional peak located on the helmet visor to protect his goggles from the mud, and he was exceeded by Philippaerts that about half of the race also passed Cairoli and went on to win the first heat. Tanel Leok, despite the problem, tried to do everything possible to maintain the third position until the finish that went in favor of Kevin Stijbos with Tanel fourth ahead of Steven Frossard.
In the second heat Tanel Leok was less fortunate in the start and being involved in a group crash in the first corners. Started again from the last place Tanel was able to recover up to fifteenth place that allowed him to close in seventh place overall in the day as well as in the provisional standings.
Aigar Leok, sixteenth in qualifying, had a good heat one finished eleventh while in the second one he was forced to stop after the breaking of the chain guide probably caused by a contact with another rider in the initial phases of the heat.
The young Czech Petr Smitka, fourteenth in qualifying, had to deal with problems of visibility. In fact during the first heat, finished in twenty-ninth place, Petr was forced to take out his goggles with the result of having to resort to medical treatment to remove the mud which came into his eyes. Definitely better the second heat which saw Petr to conclude in nineteenth place, a result that allowed him to finish in eighth overall place in the MX2 provisional standings.
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