First top 10 for Ludovic Brevers in Russian GP
the far Russian Semigorje the 11th GP of the season took place. On the technical new track rain and sun weren't affecting the track at all and the riders were having a blast on this circuit.

Just before the qualification heat on saturday skies fell down again above Semigorje. Rain was drashing down and the startgate even failed at the first start. In the restart Kevin rode in 13th place for a long time but the mud blocked his front wheel and he had to stop. Kenny rode his own race and finished 18th.

On sunday rain was gone and sun was shining. Over 20.000 people were present as the races took of. Kenny and Kevin started in 19th and 20th and were charging wheel in wheel. Over the midway point Kevin found an extra gear and started to make ground. He charged through to 16th as Kenny finished 19th and got some points too.

In the second moto they both started in the top 20 again both a crash from Fors forced him back to the very last place. He tried to fight back but another crash ended his weekend. Kenny too saw the Russian soil from up close and finished 24th

In the third round of the European Championship MX2 it soon was clear Ludovic Brevers starts to feel better at the EMX. In practice he rode top 10 and this became the goal for the weekend. In the first race on saturday Ludovic got a good start and was riding in seventh for multiple laps. He managed to keep up with the rhythm and only near the end he had to let some riders go by to finish 9th.

In the second race on sunday Ludovic got a good jump out of the gate once more and got into the top 10. He got himself a good pace and just as on saturday near the end he got tired and finished 10th, which gave him a great 7th overall.

Marnicq Bervoets : I'm really stoked with the results of Ludovic. If we look at the progression he has made by last year this is really good. Being 15 allows him still to improve a lot. Sometimes he is still a bit unsure but one we get this sorted I can see him doing nice things !

Ludovic Brevers: This is great. I felt good on the track and riding went really well. This is very good for the confidence and I had fun. I know now I have the speed but still need to work on my fitness. I was empty in the last laps but I can work on that one.

Kevin Fors : Once again this could have been better. On saturday things were going well until my front wheel blocked. First moto was going well, especially in the end I could push and managed to pick up some riders. Second race I was looking forward to do even better but I crashed while pulling my roll-off. I tried to get back but then crashed again. I was angry with myself knowing this could have been a good one.

Kenny Vandueren : The feeling on the bike was already better then last week. I had to fight hard to get some points in the first one, so I was happy on that one. In the second race I crashed a couple of times and only finished 24th, so that wasn't a good one.

The next race for the Kemea Reytec Yamaha team will be at the Czech GP in Loket on August 5
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