Solid results for Kemea Reytec Yamaha in Sweden
The break after the GP in Belgium ment also the halfway point of the 2012 GP season. After the mudfest last week at the Belgian Championship the riders got another muddy soil on their plate at the marvellous track, known for it's big rocky side.

In the qualification heat on saturday Kevin Fors took a great start inside the top 10. In a fight for ninth place the rider in front of Kevin washed out and took the young Walloon with him. Kevin dropped back and finished 29th. Kenny rode a decent race and finished 19th.

Some heavy rainshowers turned the track into a mudbath with many slippery places. In the first race Kenny took a rocket start and het was riding inside the top 10 after 2 laps. He was riding his own pace as after a couple of laps his clutch started to fade away. Kenny started dropping down in the charts and finally ended the race when his clutch was completely gone. Kevin started in 23th position and built up his race. He came back strong to 14th position but as the leaders were coming by he gave them too much space and a couple of riders behind Kevin managed to get by him. He eventually finished in 17th position, good for another 4 points.

In the second moto Kevin crashed in the first corner and got to start at the rear of the pack. He lost his goggles immediately but charged 100% until the end to finish 23. Kenny started in 18th place and was fighting for points all race long. It looked like he would score some points as his engine stopped 2 laps before the end and Kenny had a second DNF.

In the 125cc class both Nathan Renkens and Ludovic Brevers lined up. After his good result in Bastogne Ludovic got the chance to start again in Sweden on the small 2 stroke. A brilliant 3rd place for Renkens and a 10th for Brevers confirmed both are growing as the season goes and that they have the speed to run in front.

In the first moto, ridden on a dry track, Nathan got a good start but dropped back after some errors. First time around both riders passed wheel in wheel in 16th and 17th position. Nathan felt quiet good on the Swedish soil and charged to 13th place as Ludovic couldn't find a good pace and stayed in 16th.

In the second moto Ludovic got a good start this time in 5th position. He was fighting for 4th as he got some goggle issues and had to drop the pace. He finished in 6th which gave him 10th overall. Nathan crashed in the first lap after a good start and rejoined in 34th place. He lost his goggles in the first lap but did not give up. He finally finished in 23th position.

Kevin Fors : Once again it could have been better... After my bad gate pick I had two bad starts. In the first moto I was feeling really good and got back into 15th position. With the leaders coming by I left too much space and some riders behind me could take benefit of that, which was a stupid mistake. In the second race I lost my goggles in the start and it was hard to ride without. I came back to 23th. The feeling on the bike was really good and I was convinced to ride two solid races. It did not turn out that way so I'm pretty bummed about that.

Kenny Vandueren : Riding went really well this weekend but this time I got technical issues twice. First race I was riding very good but then my clutch faded, otherwise I feel I could have scored a lot of points. Second race I got issues in the very last laps. Anyway, this is motocross and those things happen. I have to keep the good feeling and my good speed in mind and take that into the Latvian GP.

Nathan Renkens : I'm starting to feel better and better on the bike. We struggled a bit in practice with some settings but after some changes the bike felt great, with a 3rd time in practice to confirm that. In the first race I could come back pretty good into 13th position. Second race I lost my goggles in the beginning which was very hard in these conditions. But I feel we're going in the right direction and my goal is now to race 2 solid motos into the top 15.

Ludovic Brevers : The weekend didn't start too well as I crashed on the finish table top in practice. I hurt my finger pretty bad and it was hurting a lot in the first race. I could not get into a good pace. On sunday things were way better, the thumb was feeling ok and I got a good start. I could have been 4th perhaps if I wouldn't have had the goggles issue but 6th was ok too. I really want to thank the team and Peter VD laar for the use of the YZF 125 2 smoker. It allowed me to stay in the rhythym and I learned a lot. It will help me for sure at the next races, the bike was awesome and I had fun on it !
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