Survival day in Kester for Kemea Reytec Yamaha
In the beautifull Kester, near Brussels, the second round of the Belgian championship took place. On this monumental track, rain came in for the races and it was turned into a big mudrace.

In the first race we got a perfect demonstration of Kevin Fors. He took the holeshot and led until the finish. He was literally flying over the swamp and 'easily' won the first heat in front of his main rival Jens Getteman en Tom Debelder. Kenny Vandueren started in 14th and started a long comeback. He charged until the end and got 6th.

In the second race track was even worse as the ruts got really deep now. Kevin once more had the best start but got a bit too enthousiast. He crashed and dropped outside top 10. In no time he got back in 2nd and started chasing the leader Jens Getteman. Eventually the race was ended before time expired due to the hard conditions, so all Kevins chances for the victory were gone. Kenny started better this time, got into fourth position but then crashed in an uphill section. He could not get his bike started and was stuck for 2 laps. In the end he still finished 10th. Only four riders managed to stay in the same lap as the winner.

In the standings of the Monster Energy MX2 trophy Fors is in second position, 11 points behind the leader Getteman. Kenny stands in fourth 28 points behind the leader.

Ludovic Brevers, who is riding in the national class, had to mix it up between the Internationals. In a hard first race Ludovic finished in 14th position as best rider of his class. In the second moto he had a better start and got into the top 10. He finished 9 but was only second national rider, which put him in second position overall with equal points. In the standings he still leads the championship with 34 points over Dylan Verleysen.

Nathan Renkens was a bit luckier. As the program was packed on the weekend he got to race on saturday on a dry track. In both heats the 14 year old finished second behind Daymond Martens. In the standings he loses 6 points on Martens but still leads by 26 points.

Next race for the Belgian Championship is on August 15th in Balen. Next weekend the Kemea Reytec Yamaha team will line up for the GP of Sweden in Uddevalla.

Team Manager Marnicq Bervoets : Kevin had a solid day today. He was clearly the fastest and should have ridden a bit more calm in the second race. Now he crashed and lost the victory, these points could be important at the end. On the other hand these conditions were a lottery, he could have lost a lot of points too... What I can't get is why the officials ended the race before time. The track was not dangerous and they were still getting around. I won't say it would have been better for Kevin as he could have crashed too, but in my opinion it was wrong to end the race like this. The start was very crucial here, once you got into the pack it's a lot more difficult and when you start making mistakes you're done. Kenny had that issue in the second race and also Ludovic had some problems being so small. But hey, this is motocross and that's the same for everyone. After all, we did pretty good. Kevin is in a good position for the title, Kenny got a decent results, Nathan got two 2nd places and Ludovic got 2nd with equal points. Up to Sweden now !
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