Top eight in Belgium
Both Kawasaki Racing Team riders got a top eight result during the Grand Prix of Belgium, organised for the first time in Bastogne (Wallonie). Second of the first race Gautier Paulin scored a fifth position, while Xavier Boog got an eight one during this GP which marks the mid season.

With so much rain during the week, it could have been a disaster but thanks to the sun back on Sunday and to the great job done by the organisers, this Belgian GP was a good event, which offers some strong racing. Tenth on Saturday during the pre qualifying sessions (the qualifying races were cancelled to preserve the track) Gautier Paulin got a strong second position and missed victory in the opening moto by just over two seconds after a well-planned race which saw gradually increase his pace; he actually set his fastest lap of the race on the very last lap of the gruelling race, and controlled Desalle until the end. Having started outside the top ten in race two Paulin advanced quickly to eighth place as he set his sights on a podium finish, but a small crash cost him the few decisive seconds which would separate him from a top six finish. Despite this he remains fourth in the standings and is separated from second place by just nine points.

Xavier Boog qualified in sixth position, but got twice a bad start. He came back sixth in race one after a strong ride up the leaderboard, but he too made a small but costly slip in race two to eventually cross the line one place behind teammate Paulin. He finished eighth overall, but had the same points score as sixth place and is now seventh in the standings, just one point from sixth and twenty six from fifth.Gautier Paulin: "I had a good feeling in the first race, and when I was second I controlled my race and was able to increase my pace when Desalle came to third; my last lap was my fastest of the race. My second start was not so good, and then I made a couple of mistakes and crashed; I didn't do the best technical choices and didn't feel so comfortable so I didn't want to take any risks."
Xavier Boog: "My starts were not so good this weekend, and in both races I had to come through the field. I was happy with my riding in the first moto as I finished sixth, very close to Christophe, but I had a small crash in the second race and that cost me several places; I'm not so far from the fifth position in the standings, but I can't afford any more bad starts."

Yves Demaria: "Every weekend is different, and to get podiums depends of the tracks, the conditions and the starts. Both Gautier and Xavier rode strong in the first race, but they missed a good start in race two and did some mistakes and even crash; it could have been much worst, as both finished in the top ten. At mid-season we have reached our goals, and will enter the second part of the season with a strong motivation."
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