Points again for Kevin Fors in Sevlievo
On the magnificent track of Sevlievo this weekend the second GP of the season took place. After the succesfull start in the deep sand of Valkenswaard the riders were presented a totally different track. The hard and fast track in Sevlievo is not the type of track our Belgian riders are used too, so they had to adapt big time.

Next to the MX2 riders Nathan Renkens made his debut in the UEM 125cc championship.

On saturday things got wrong pretty fast for Kenny Vandueren. He crashed hard in his qualification heat and dislocated his collarbone. The weekend for Kenny was over and he headed asap to Belgium for further examinations. Kevin Fors from his side rode a good quali heat and finished 18th.

In the 125cc class things got wrong for Nathan too. He crashed hard on one of the big jumps and injured his foot in first practice. Luckily he could move on and continue the weekend.

Despite heavy pains in his foot Nathan gave all he had in the first race on saturday evening. After he started in 30th position he made some mistakes but managed to finish 31th. In the second head on sunday he felt better on the bike, but some mistakes made him finish 32nd.

In the first race of the MX2 class Kevin Fors got a decent start and came through in 17th after 1 lap. He managed to get a good pace and stayed around this spot for the entire race. In the end he got passed by Pocock and finished 18th, which was good for 3 points. In the second heat Kevin got a good start and passed in 12th position after a couple of turns. As he was on his way for a good moto he slipped away on a wet place in the track and crashed. The crash wasn't bad but as he tried to get up he got hit by another rider. He got hit hard on his head and back and felt dizzy when he got up, so he pulled off.

In the final standings Fors finished on the 21st place, in the world standings he is on the 23rd place now.

Marnicq Bervoets : We knew this would be a hard track for the riders, as we don't have any like that in Belgium. Kevin adapted well and rode pretty good. It's a pity he crashed in the second race but as he took some points in the first race this is good for the motivation. Nathan unfortunately crashed in first practice, which messed up his entire weekend. He lost his confidence but I'm happy he kept riding despite the pain in his foot. Like that he was able to gain a lot of experience on this level. For Kenny it went totally wrong, He is already in Belgium for further examinations but I think his ligaments will be hit badly, so we will have to wait and see. For next week Ludovic Brevers will replace Kenny in Fermo. That will be a good opportunity for him to gain some experience and get to know the speed in the GP's.

Kevin Fors : After all I'm quiet happy on my weekend. In the beginning on saturday I was really impressed with the fast circuit, but as the weekend continued I started to get more fun on the track. I once again could score some points and that's my goal for the season. Unfortunately I had to retire in the second race. I had a really good start but after the crash my head hurted so much and I had no strength anymore, so I decided to pull off to take no risks.

Nathan Renkens : Pff, this was a weekend of a lot of mistakes and crashes. I crashed hard in the first practice and injured my foot. After this I lost confidence on the jumps and rode so tight with the pain in my foot. I didn't want to give up though and fought until the end. I'm happy I did because I got to learn a lot riding the two races. Despite the crashes I really learned a lot and now I have to continue working to improve the results. Hopefully next week will be better !
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